Direction  - Leo Yoshida (PORTER CLASSIC)
Designer - Daiki Sakai (LORE)
Construction - tub studio inc
Photos - Keisuke Miyamoto


二階建長屋を改装したPORTER CLASSIC初となる路面店。ショップ、中庭、ミュージアム、ライブラリー、アトリエを展開し、「販売の場所」「物作りの場所」を一つ屋根の下に集約。日本のモノづくりの素晴らしさを、世界中の方々ができる新しい形態の店舗。









PORTER CLASSIC's first roadside store, which is a renovated two-story nagaya. We have shops,
courtyards, museums, libraries, and studios, and we have integrated "sales places" and
"manufacturing places" under one roof. A new type of store where people all over the world
can enjoy the wonderfulness of Japanese manufacturing.

With a focus on Made in Japan and the concept of "world standard", Porter Classic is a brand
that pursues products that will be loved by the next generation and grandchildren while
working on tradition, antithesis art culture, and craftsmanship. is there.

In Kyoto, where tradition and new things overlap, we have set up a courtyard, museum, and
library in addition to the shop space and atelier so that you can feel the splendor of Japanese
manufacturing in a more enjoyable and friendly way.

An open location facing a small street instead of a main street. The noren of sashiko swaying on
the black façade and the peace flower peeking through the round window welcome people.
Various domestic craftsmen have placed items such as brass fixtures based on Art Deco, wall
materials inspired by the Arctic expedition, and large tables made of sleeper logs in the store
that makes use of existing architecture. And expressed the history and strengths of various

At the atelier, museum, and library on the 2nd floor, we have created a communication space
where you can experience the manufacturing site, get inspiration, and share the story of the

The courtyard, away from the hustle and bustle, has a large awning that can be stored, so it can
be used for breaks and various activities regardless of the weather.